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That was so beautiful


    That was so beautiful

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Post apocalyptic Morticia.


    Post apocalyptic Morticia.

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    Anonymous asked: just relax about your assignment. none of this is going to matter in ten years time and i bet you won't even remember it. hope you have a great day tomorrow then!

    Yeah, I know that is all true and all.

    I feel much better about it already. You have a good day too!

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Does the psych ward have wifi?
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"… boots with the fur (with the fur)"


    "… boots with the fur (with the fur)"

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    I got 99 problems and all of them are Luftballons.

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    We’ve just added a new perk to the campaign, this amazing 19” sample corset by Magpie & Fox! This beautiful corset is one-of-a-kind and comes with free worldwide shipping, so be fast or you’ll miss out! 
    Buy it here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/a-gift-for-lucy-corsetry-bishonenrancher

    "This underbust is inspired by the sea with hand-dyed silk organza overlay, giving the effect of waves and ripples on the water. Encrusted with freshwater pearls and seed beads, the corset shimmers and glistens, with iridescent peacock fronds adding movement.

    A layer of loomstate satin coutil forms the support of this piece, with pairs of bones over each seam and a grosgrain waist stay within. The back is laced with cream satin ribbon. This perk also includes the customised underwear shown, worn once for the photo shoot and then hand washed.”

    Closed measurements:
    Waist 19” | Hips (6” below waist) 28 and a 1/2” | Top edge (2 and a 1\2” above the waist) 23” | CF length 9” | Longest part (below bust/over the legs if sitting) 11” | Bra 34C (but will fit 32D and perhaps 30DD) | Knickers UK 6/8.

    Photo (c) @Chris Murray https://www.facebook.com/ChrisMurray35mm
    Model / MUa/ Hair: Threnody In Velvet

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  10. Whenever I post on my secondary blog with my phone it either doesn’t post or posts multiple times

  11. ahh i submitted my assignment 2 minutes late because my internet was slow and i also forgot to attach a cover sheet this i the worst thing ever i’m still shaking even though it’s probably going to be ok

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    The prince fought valiantly.
    He slayed the dragon.
    The princess cried for days.
    She loved that dragon.
    — The stories fairytales don’t tell 

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    If you decide the worth of a human by their ability to write, read or pronouce words, then get out of my face.

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  14. Fashion Icon | Fan BingBing

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